Monday, January 28

Dandruff Remedy (guess I'm on the tea rinse wagon!)

So as many long-time HIA readers know, I have some serious bouts with dandruff/itchy-flakey scalp. After reading several posts on tea rinses in the past couple of weeks (like herehere and here) and how it helps with hair shedding, I decided to do a bit more googling research on my own. I found out that not only does tea-rinsing help with shedding, but green tea-rinsing has been found to help soothe the scalp irritation that comes along with conditions like heavy dandruff and psoriasis and maybe even naturally treat them (source). Once I read that, let me tell you, I was all in.

And my fellow reforming PJs will be happy to know that I happily get the best of both worlds: I got to join a random bandwagon (tisk tisk!) but I didn't have to buy a new product because I already had everything I need around the house!

So on my mid-week co-wash last week, I added one more step and did a green tea-rinse before deep conditioning. I added a little flair to it and put a few drops of tea tree essential oil to my brew. I made about a cup of tea and used a spray bottle to apply it it my scalp and hair (because green tea is also said to strengthen and condition the hair).

We'll see how it goes!

Do any of you guys swear by tea rinses? Or tried it and hated it? Weigh in!

Until next time,

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Monday, January 21

I trimmed again! (Pics!)

Happy (?) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day! 
I won't give you my cynical issues with naming the (or a) day after just Dr. King and not also the thousands of African Americans (and people of color around the world) who fight/fought and even died for equality. I will say that I hope that those who were able to have the day off spend even part of the day in service to others to honor this important date!

Yes, you read right, I trimmed my hair again (though all of you who follow me on twitter won't be surprised!)

I got to a point, in these last three weeks, that I just wasn't feeling my hair too much... it wasn't falling right and I was ashamed to wear it out! I couldn't have that. I realized how silly it was to be holding on to these last few inches of hair just to say "I'm APL" and if any of YOU did it, I know I would be an advocate of just cutting it off already. So. I did.

And I love it!!

Still a bit that needs to go but much better!

Until next time,

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Saturday, January 19

Priteva Challenge Week 3 Check-in!

Ooh! Random, unscheduled Saturday post! Woot woot! =)

Well, it's the start of the third week of my personal Priteva challenge. I have to be honest and say that I have not been the best at keeping up with taking these vitamins daily. In a 7 day week, I remember to take them 5-6 days... not bad but definitely not daily as I am supposed to.

For the next two weeks I plan to take them each and every day (this should be easier since I am back to my regular daily schedule and off of winter break... sigh).

Enough chatter, here's my progress so far (see my starting pictures here)...

Until next time,

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Thursday, January 17

Rainy Day Deeper Moisturizer

My bun: Not fancy but it was sooo soft!
Good morning!

My fellow Georgians (and people in the Southern US in general) would know that this week has been pretty wet and yucky...

If you read my last wash-day post, you'll know that I was feeling pretty upset with my hair's moisture levels (or lack thereof...) since my last relaxer.

I decided to use the rainy weather to my advantage! Here's how:
The night before, I moisturized my hair heavily with a moisturizer that contains glycerin (I chose to use HairVeda's Busy Izzy Gets Buttered Up) and baggied overnight. The next morning, I fashioned my hair into a sleek bun and headed out the door.   
Because glycerin is a humectant, when used in your hair it pulls the moisture from the air to your hair! And on a rainy Atlanta day, there's plenty of moisture to spare!! (Note: if you live in a dry/cold/arid environment, using glycerin may not be such a good idea as it will have the opposite effect--sucking moisture from your hair.). All day I couldn't stop smushing my super soft bun!
After doing this for three days in a row, my hair feels super moisturized (even though it looks a reverted, textured H.A.M.).

How do you use the weather to maximize your hair regimen?

Until next time,

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