Wednesday, December 3

My Transition (so far) In Photos

Tired of reading transition posts? Sorry, not sorry! ;P

If you recall, I posted my transitioning plan from few months ago. Let's just say that I haven't really followed it AT ALL! I've learned that how my transition is actually going is very different than what I had planned!

Also, from observing other transitioners, I see that every person's transition is different (especially long-term transitioners!). While some people master making their two textures mesh well and some people completely hide and steer clear of their transitioning tresses, I'd like to think I've toed the line... I don't want to lose touch with (or love for!) my hair but I also want to listen to my hair and know when it's time to just keep it simple.

Keep reading for a photographic walk down MY transitioning lane!

Wednesday, November 26

Why did I decide to transition?

Lawd... ya'll are going to be so tired of me talking about transitioning! But it's where I am in my journey, so bear with me!

Hair thinning
at crown
Something I haven't talked about much is WHY I decided to transition. I have never been afraid of a long relaxer stretch (evidence here and here!) but somehow, the decision to "go natural" has always evaded me! Yet here I am, 45 weeks post relaxer, fully committed (and excited) to take this all the way and fully grow out my relaxer.

The decision for me was very simple. Many older readers know that about a year and a half ago, I had a setback. In the time that it took to grow out the damage to my hair (a year, plus, of trimming back to APL!), I also realized that my hair was thinning significantly at my crown. I am not 100% certain that this was the cause of my setback; in fact, I am not sure that the two things are related at all, but both of these things together made me decide that I need to give life sans relaxers a try. I'm not sure that my hair will ever be it's thickest at the crown (I will probably always have to do a mean comb-over that is very effective at hiding!) but I think continuing to relax my hair would only make the issue worse.

My healthy RELAXED hair journey was NECESSARY for me to decide to go natural though! Without seeing that I COULD grow and MAINTAIN a nice (for ME!) length of hair showed me that even if I have to cut my hair, it WILL grow back and it WILL be healthy, because I've done it before!

How many of you are currently transitioning or thinking about it? Let me know in the comments!!

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Friday, November 21

Salon Review: Huetiful Salon - Atlanta

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Huetiful Salon here in Atlanta and I HAD to come to you guys and share my experience!

As you all know, I have officially decided to transition to natural and I am currently 10.5 months post relaxer(!!) and I have been noticing an increase in tangling. Since I haven't had a trim since my last relaxer, I decided that it was time to get my hair straightened and trimmed. Internet research brought me to the Huetiful Salon here in Atlanta! On to the review!!

Date of Service: November 15th, 2014

Staff (who I interacted with): Audree

According to them: The Huetiful Salon is exclusively focused on providing healthy hair treatments for women with natural or processed hair, wavy, curly, or kinky-curly type and textures. Our treatments are borne from the products that have made Huetiful a globally recognized hair care brand in less than three years. Using research and client insights that have come from the input of thousands of customers, Huetiful's techniques, products and services are both innovative and effective.

My Expectations: I must say, my expectations were pretty high! After stalking their website and Facebook page for an entire day, I was hyped! However, I knew I wanted my hair straightened, so I was a bit hesitant because there weren't many photos of their work with 4C hair on their Facebook page!

Initial Impressions: The location of the salon was not that far from where I live (and most often "play"). Very convenient, especially if you live in-town. The salon-space itself was a little bit hard to find (it was kind of tucked away in a little strip-mall-ish area... [real descriptive, I know...]) but there was plenty of parking once I found it. What I liked most was the fact that it was not located in a traditional salon (think chairs lined up, shampoo room, styling area, etc.). There was a private suite where my stylist, Audree, was all set up with everything that we'd need (including her shampoo bowl!).

The first thing she did was take a look at my hair. I had pre-detangled (a MUST in my opinion when visiting hair salons!!) so my hair was full of coconut oil. I'd also worn a twist-out the week before so my new growth was pretty stretched out. She shampooed my hair and shared a lot of (accurate!) information that I think would be helpful to a hair-newbie (you know, the usual... 'detangle from tips to roots' and 'find a consistent regimen that works for you'). After shampooing twice (once with a clarifying 'poo, once with a sulfate-free poo) she applied Huetiful's Strengthening Hair Masque and sat me under the steamer for 20 minutes. She rinsed my hair and followed that up with their signature hair conditioner. After rinsing again, she applied their liquid leave-in and heat protectant and then blew my hair out. And OH MY GOODNESS did she get it straight with MINIMAL heat! I was floored at how straight my hair got with just a blow dry! Then she flat ironed (1 pass on NG-only and then another pass on the full length) and trimmed 1-2 inches from my ends. I asked her to put some curls in it, which she did with one more pass from the flat iron and I was good to go. I was in and out in under 2 hours! And, boy, was I loving my hair!

Outcome: The final outcome EXCEEDED all of my expectations, guys!
My hair right before going to Huetiful and the final product
Still holding up 5 days later!
My hair was straight, it had body, I did NOT think my natural hair could look like that (and to be fully honest, I was super sad about it and have been really missing my relaxed hair, but more on that later!). Let me just say that this experience COMPLETELY cemented my decision to continue on with my transition. I just LOVE the versatility (so far!) of my 1/3-natural hair!

Overall: I would recommend the Huetiful Salon to any and everyone who will listen; specifically the stylist that serviced me, Audree. She is new to Huetiful but was extremely nice and very knowledgeable! She specializes in natural hair (locs too!). If I wasn't so cheap such a DIYer I would even consider making this like a "regular" (standing 2 week appt)! I definitely give this experience two thumbs up and am planning to go again in January to straighten (again...!) for my 1-year-post-relaxer milestone!

Have any of you been to the Huetiful Salon in Atlanta (or Chicago)? Thinking about going? Let's talk about it!

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Wednesday, June 11

My transitioning plan

If you read my last post, you've heard that I have decided to grow out my relaxer! However, by design, I didn't share very many details about my plans to transition in that post (that's what this post is for!)

So, let's start with my current stats:

Right now, I am about five months (approx. 22 weeks) post relaxer. A few weeks ago I had some box braids installed (which are a nightmare, but more about that later) which I plan to wear for another two weeks.
The box braids that I have installed right now
Transitioning roadmap:

Just because I like to have all my i's dotted and my t's crossed, I've written out a transitioning plan/roadmap to help keep me focused.

I plan to transition for as close to two years as I can get (however if I make it to next summer and just can't wait anymore, I won't feel too bad for chopping hehe!) I say two years because I want to still have the option of enjoying my hair periodically and if I'm honest, I know that I will not enjoy a TWA. So long-term transition it is! :)

With that in mind, I plan on wearing long-term protective styles for most of my transition (because what's the point of not BCing if your relaxed hair is hanging on by a thread!). See my (very rough) detailed plan to take me to 1 year post-relaxer below:

  • Week 23 & 24: Continue wearing box braids
  • Week 25 & 26: Remove box braids and wear various short-term, low-manuipulation styles (e.g. braid & curls, BKOs, curl formers sets)
  • Week 27-34: Wear (self-installed) Senegalese twists, refreshing as-needed
  • Week 35-42: Wear sew-in
  • Week 42-45: Remove sew-in and straighten for trim/assessment of relaxed ends
  • Week 46-53: Wear long term protective style

Seems easy enough, right?? **slightly sarcastic voice**

In all honesty, I know that just like with everything else so far in my hair journey, my plans are subject to change based on my hair's plans.

Are any of you transitioning? Have you laid out a transitioning plan to guide you on your new journey? I'd love to hear about it!

Questions? Additional comments? Email me at


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The products that I use are bought with my own money unless other wise stated and are for personal use. I am not paid to show any products on this blog! Results are on MY hair, but that does not guarantee that products/methods/techniques will work the same for you (though I HOPE they do!!) Happy Hair Growing!!

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