Saturday, May 1

Summer Growth Spurt... truth or myth?

Since I started my HHJ back in November 2009, I've heard of the infamous "summer growth spurt..." and I've been waiting for mine ever since! In my last length check, I saw that I gained about 3/4 inch of growth/retention in the month of April... usually I get about 1/2"... sometimes less. I was quite excited and the first thing that came to mind is "I'm getting my summer spurt!!!"

 However, upon doing a little bit of research, I'm starting to wonder if this growth spurt in the summer is a little over-hyped... I think that it may be a combination of a few things that causes this "spurt"

Fact: Yes, hair does grow more in the summer... but only about 10% more than in the winter months.
The reason for the small increase in growth is related to the fact that your blood circulates to the outer portions of your body better in the summer than in the winter. We've all had the cold hands and cold feet in the winter. Also, we've all gotten many warnings from our mothers to put hats on our head in the winter. In the winter time, the body is more concerned with keeping our insides (our organs and such in the torso area) warm than with warming our extremities (fingers, toes, head)... therefore, these are the last places that get the blood supply... poor blood circulation in scalp=less hair growth... that's why scalp massages work to promote growth. Now in the summer, our bodies are working harder, trying to keep us cool.... this equals an increase in circulation!
Now, this all seems well and good but is just the fact that it's summer enough to give someone a substantial amount of growth? Probably not. Here are a few additional factors that I believe can contribute to better growth and most importantly better RETENTION in the summer... ("I believe" meaning, there's no research to prove this, just me inferring based on the information and my personal experience)
  1. We are more active in the summer... whether it's spending the day walking around at a theme park, going to family reunions, swimming at the pool, working out to get that bikini body, etc, we tend to do more physically when it's warmer out. All this physical activity leads to better circulation which leads to more hair growth!
  2. IDK about you but when it's hot out, the most annoying thing is my hair trapping in all the head to my neck... or even worse when I get sweaty and my hair starts sticking to me... yuck. At least for ME, in the summer I'm more likely to have my hair pinned up or BRAIDED up so that it's not in the way and keeping me hot and uncomfortable.
  3. Lets be honest ladies, in the summer, we're wearing less clothes than in the winter (duh!). We do not have on sweaters w/ rough material, wool coats, and thick cottons all of which will snag at our hair and cause our ends some distress. A bare back will not cause any snagging, breaking, or whatever other bad mental images I can conjure up...

So maybe our summer spurts are just a combination of all of these factors... just a thought.
Any ladies who feel as though they're not getting their spurt might want to look to these three additional factors to beef up their growth in the summertime: be more active, pin it up, and wear less clothes (I'm sure all the SO's and DH's out there can appreciate the last one!)

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