Wednesday, June 8

Length Goals

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I've come to a troubling realization: I don't have a final length goal!

So many of us start our journeys dreaming of waist, hip, or even tail bone length hair. A final goal gives us something to strive for and envision in the mirror. It also can serve as motivation... kind of like the carrot on a stick in front of a donkey (?? haha... sorry if I lost you with that one!).

But I have found that even from the very beginning of my HHJ, I could never pinpoint a final goal. My first year and a half was consumed with making APL... now that my hair is more or less APL, the next logical step is BSL... but deep down inside I don't think that I want my hair to grow any longer than BSL! Is that weird? I don't know... Maybe once I reach BSL I will be more able to see my hair at longer lengths... TBH I am actually satisfied with the length that my hair is at now...

What are ya'll's thoughts? Is anyone else like me in the lack of desire for floor-length hair? Or have you envisioned your hair length goals from the very beginning?



  1. I started wanting MBL but now realise I'd totally be happy at BSB or BSL as long as my hair is thick and healthy. Still gonna strive for MBL though... just so I can say I did it.

  2. My goal is always changing...I started my HHJ with the ultimate goal of BSL. Now that I'm here, I'm grateful but I figure: "If I can get my hair this long, might as well grow longer". Now I want WL. But I don't think I will go longer than that. IMO after a while extreme lengths begin to look unflattering (no offense, just my opinion).

  3. I'm on the fence. My dream is blunt hip-length hair, so I'm aiming for that. But I know that once I get to a certain length and start experiencing certain things like having to buy more product, having to take a longer time to do my hair, etc. etc. (and everything else listed in that "downsides of long hair" thread on LHCF), I might end up just letting myself be comfortable at BSL or MBL.

    Then adding in the fact that because I'm tall, it takes me longer to reach certain lengths because there's more distance? Yeah, I might be stopping at full BSL.

    But then I know that the competitiveness in me will be like, "naw girl, sheaux them heaux you can greaux!" And I'll end up with Rapunzel-length hair.

    Smh...see how I'm going back and forth when I haven't even hit full SL yet?

  4. My ultimate goal is MBL. I might stop when I hit BSL...who knows. I am just starting my healthy hair journey so we will see how things go.

  5. Yea I'm exactly like you on this one. I just wanna get to APL then i guess to BSL...but my mind isn't really fixated on any longer feats...if it gets there then awesome.

  6. I'm trying to get my hair down to about my elbows. I haven't had it that long since I was 8. But it's growing steadily so I hope it gets there within the year.

  7. @tola: yes! thickness > length! (imo)

    @best tressed: your hair is beautiful btw! but ita, super duper long hair just doesn't flatter some people's body type... like I am short and thick so anything past WL on me would just make me look like a child/frumpy (IMO...)

    @KayT: LMAO @ "naw girl, sheaux them heaux you can greaux!" heck naw!! Love it!! And yeah, more hair totally equals more product which equals more money... not cool...

    @chanel: good luck on ur journey girl!!

    @aly: yup, that's EXACTLY where I'm at...

    @Angela: best of luck! I'm sure you will reach your goal!! Love your blog btw!

  8. When I first started out I set my long term goal at BSL. Once I hit APL, I didn't think BSL was enough, so I moved it 3 inches down to MBL and that's what I currently have my heart set on... but lately, I've been entertaining the idea of WL, just to be able to say I did it. So who know, once I reach MBL, I just might keep on trucking until I hit WL!

  9. No you are not weird! MBL is my final hair goal...has been since the beginning of my journey and continues to be. I personally think most hair beyond that on most people looks shapeless and it actually limits some of the styles you can achieve. I think MBL (for me) is that sweet spot where wearing it down looks amazing, but clips and updo's still work well also. I know everyone says that as you grow your hair seems shorter somehow...but um, MBL betta NOT feel short when I get there! Hell, BSL better feel like I'm Rapunzel up in here!

  10. I'm with you, BSL, is what I really want at the end of the day!



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