Wednesday, March 14

So... What if I don't have a regimen?

In the past few months, it has dawned on me that I don't have a real regimen.

Initially I thought "That's crazy! How can you be on a hair journey for over two years and not have a regimen? There's a regimen page on your blog, right??" Sure, I have a "regimen" page but it's just a list of things that you're "supposed" to do as someone on a hair journey.

But I don't follow it; not for real.

And I've never been married to any specific products... if I try it and it works, I add it into my rotation... when I run out, if I miss it then I repurchase it.

So I've decided that from now on, I will not purport to have a regimen. I have several hair rules that I will follow and that's it. I will listen to my hair and use the common sense God gave me to determine when I will use/do whatever I do (e.g. trimming, protein, moisture).

Here are some of my "hair rules"/anti-regimen:
  1. Deep condition AND pre 'poo with each and every shampoo
  2. Either ACV rinse or use Porosity Control as my final rinse every single time
  3. Clarify according to silicone use (more silicone usage, more clarifying sessions)
  4. Never use two proteins on the same wash day (e.g. if I'm DCing with ORS Replenishing Condish, I would not use apHogee 2 Minute Reconstructor as my instant conditioner, I'd choose something moisturizing with NO protein)
  5. Use a protein leave-in on on moisture DC days and a moisturizing leave-in on protein DC days
  6. Moisturize and seal at night (as needed)
I guess my anti-regimen is like the skeleton of a regimen but notice I don't have any parameters on how often all this stuff gets done... my priority is keeping my hair as balanced as possible, therefore the type of products I use depend entirely on what my hair is feeling like or doing for the week.

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  1. Girl, I don't follow my regimen like that either. I wash when I feel that I need it, I dc with whatever for however long I feel like doing it that day. The only thing I do regularly is M/S.

    Your anti-regimen looks good, tho. I like that its focused more on listening to your hair.

    1. Yes, the focus for me is keeping my hair balanced and happy!!

  2. I definitely have a set regimen, but I feel exactly what you mean. I've never had a "wednesday, sunday = wash day, protein every x weeks, clarify every y" Like you said, it depends on my hair's needs. Sometimes I find myself M&S twice a day, sometimes my hair doesn't need it and I only do it a few times per week. Its nice to be so in tune with our hair that we know exactly what it needs based on look and feel!

    1. Yup! That was one of my first clues that my "regimen" was not a regimen... I'd say I M&S daily but in actuality I only seal on wash day (or when I'm bunning a lot) and I moisturize only as needed.

  3. I agree with you! I don't have a regimen either and I totally can relate to having a "regimen" tab on your blog, but not actually having a regimen posted. I have a "routine" tab and just list products that I use. I was supposed to develop a regimen and post it there, but it never happened and I'm ok with that. I used to think I would develop a regimen once I got the hang of things, but I'm closing in on one year, and I have no desire to lock down a regimen. Just like you said, I stick to what I feel like doing and just try to maintain good practices, such as low heat, and low manipulation. Sorry for the long comment, but this one struck a chord!

    1. I welcome long comments! LOL!

      We are >HERE!<

  4. *imagine me doing the running man* Go Shika, no regimen! It's your birthday, no regimen! Go Shika, Shika, Shika, wooh! *like a cheerleader*


    Now, that's done. I so agree with you. I feel as long as your are taking part in healthy hair practices, there's not necessarily a need for a set "regimen" . Myself, since I am a beginner, follow a set task of goals that are in a regimen format, but I don't exactly do what my "Regimen" tab says every time I take care to my hair. I'm just learning how to M/S :o, I think my tab says that I wash every week at least once, but lately I have been washing twice a week. When I feel my hair get icky and nasty, then I will wash. I PP & DC with every wash as well (woohoo, for the PP xD) , sometimes I flat iron, and lately I've been trying to master the rollerset. Keyword: trying. So go you, girly!

    And no those samples have not come in, yet D;

    Have a great one girl! You have beautiful hair to prove that you can suffice without a set reggie :]

    1. LOL! Hehe!

      I think learning your hair and listening it, in the long run, is more effective than a strictly regimented routine... but that's just MY 2 cents lol

  5. I don't have a strict regimen either. The one time I did, I found that after a while the products weren't working as well for me. So, now I just wash, dc, and add a leave-in. That's my "regimen" and I'm likely to substitute different products in on each of those steps depending on how I feel. And even that "regimen" changes up at times, I'll add a pre-poo, protein treatment, Hot Oil Treatment, etc just because.

    I'm thinking that as long as you clean your scalp, moisturize your hair and add protein, your hair will do well no matter the combination you use. Just find what works well for you, your hair, and your lifestyle.

    1. I wonder about that sometimes: products losing effectiveness over time.

      I kind of think of it as similar to the body; if you do the same workouts every single day, eventually they will become ineffective (hence the success of all these "muscle confusion" exercise programs)

  6. I'm with you. I felt compelled to put a reggie on my blog but things change each week. I change products weekly. I try to poo once a week but it doesn't always happen. Sometime I don't even do a true co wash. Like this am I wet my hair but I only put condish on my ends for a few. I do what my hair needs.

    1. I guess it's one of those things that it's good to have if it works for you but if not, then IDK that it's necessary (especially once you are established in your HHJ)

  7. I feel this way about my regime too. Although I'm not a hair blogger so I don't have a regime page, I still feel like I should have one.



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