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My Transition (so far) In Photos

Tired of reading transition posts? Sorry, not sorry! ;P

If you recall, I posted my transitioning plan from few months ago. Let's just say that I haven't really followed it AT ALL! I've learned that how my transition is actually going is very different than what I had planned!

Also, from observing other transitioners, I see that every person's transition is different (especially long-term transitioners!). While some people master making their two textures mesh well and some people completely hide and steer clear of their transitioning tresses, I'd like to think I've toed the line... I don't want to lose touch with (or love for!) my hair but I also want to listen to my hair and know when it's time to just keep it simple.

Keep reading for a photographic walk down MY transitioning lane!

Weeks 1-20:
These weeks were spent wearing my hair the way I always did during colder months - either straightened or in a bun. New growth during this phase was no biggie as I have always stretched my relaxers between 12 and 16 weeks (many times longer!). At this point, I was not yet in uncharted territory.

Weeks 20- 26:
At 20 weeks post, I had not yet 100% decided to transition, but I knew I was not ready to relax my hair (a.k.a. I was trepidatiously considering what would happen if I ACTUALLY went natural!) I got these "Poetic Justice" braids installed by someone I found via Craigslist (BIG mistake... not knocking anyone who has successfully found hair stylists via CL, but let's just say the quarter-size patch of my edges that is STILL struggling to make a come back decided that CL is not where I should be looking for hair stylists...). I kept these braids in for two denial-filled months but abruptly removed them when one braid fell out and took my edges with it.

Weeks 26-31:
After the crappy experience with getting my hair braided, I decided to attempt to self-install Senegalese Twists. Overall, I liked the style, but they started to look "stale" very quickly (I think because of a mixture of my shoddy technique as well as the fact that the silky textured extension hair did not match well with my kinky hair.) Overall, however, I loved the style while it lasted (and am considering re-twisting my hair soon!)

Week 31-34
After having my hair hidden and out of reach for almost 3 months, I was more than ready to get my hands in my hair and fall in love with it all over again. BKOs (bantu knot outs) were my style of choice while getting re-acquainted with my hair. The picture above was one of my very best sets to date (still have not replicated this!). I wore this style until I got lazy the manipulation started feeling like too much.

Weeks 34-44
I am ashamed to say that I rocked the HELL out of this bun for 10 (more or less) straight weeks! I even used up a 3-4 year old jar of Eco Styler gel in this phase (gotta tame those edges! I finally mastered the scarf method!).

Weeks 44-47
After (in my opinion, quite understandably!) getting sick and tired of rocking my Marley-transitioning-frumpy bun, I decided it was time to wear my hair OUT. First, I tried a flat twist out for the very first time (loved it!) and then, if you've been reading my updates, I got my hair straightened and trimmed - so I rocked my favorite style (sleek and straight!) for a week before going back to my bun (this time, a sleeker donut bun...!) 

Grazing APL post trim but dat thickness tho!
And here I am, at 47 weeks post relaxer! I will say, (and I'm tooting my own horn!) that I am so pleased with my hair right now as well as the length and health that I have been able to retain! My hair is thicker than it has EVER been! 

I have enjoyed my transition so far and am looking forward to my next protective styling venture - revisiting half-wigs (we'll see how THAT goes!).

But to all my fellow transitioners:

What was/is your signature transitioning style? Has your transition stuck to plan or gone off the rails? Sound off, let's talk about it below!

Questions? Additional comments? Email me at


  1. Your hair looks GOOD, girl!!!! #thatticknessdoe is right!

  2. I'm like you, I haven't yet decided that I'm definitely transitioning, but during this "long stretch" I've been mostly wearing buns. I want to start using my curl formers more regularly. I'm currently 9 months post and it is a struggle! LOL

  3. Your hair is looks beautiful and thick!!! I have played with the idea of going natural, but haven't fully committed yet. The longest I have gone without a relaxer is 10 1/2 months. I think the hardest part for me was finding styles because I didn't want to straighten every week or wear a bun. However, you ladies transitioning are inspiring me.

  4. Yes, styling is def the hardest part! With so much NG (You know, 10.5 months, you probably had TONS of NG!!) a failed style isn't quite as easy to mask!

  5. LOL the struggle is so real! Good luck with your decision! What helped me decide was really seeing that managing my kinky hair is not as hard as I thought! Don't get me wrong, it's a challenge, but I was prepared for the absolute worst!

  6. Thanks Britt! Yes, I was sooo surprised to see how thick my hair appears now, just by having that added texture. I can't wait to be 100% naturalllll!!!!

  7. Lol~yeah I had a lot of new growth. I used to be really good at masking an unsuccessful style, but not like that.

  8. Girl those ENDS in that last picture are everything!!! I didn't know you were transitioning! YAY! I just want to be in this with as many people as possible. lol! And coincidentally its made me search for - and find - some new relaxed hair inspirations! I have my marley hair on deck for a few styles too girl...this post had me cracking up.

  9. not tired of transition posts I enjoy them, but when are you going to post again?



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